Rob Davis

ROAR! - "Fly"

Music Video


Creative Brief

We worked with the breakout alt electronic duo ROAR! and long-time collaborators, the Positive Vibrations Foundation, to create two unique music videos for the band’s debut album,  La-di-da.  In "Fly," the song is interpreted by a cast of real people, set on a simple warehouse backdrop.



Production & Post-Production


Co-Executive Producer Ben Faulks

Co-Executive Producer Wiley Verstappen

Co-Director Carly Meyers

Co-Director Adam Gertner

Costumes Shel Roumillat

Nominated for a 2017

Offbeat Award




“For nearly a decade I've worked with Rob on projects ranging from documentaries, music videos, live concerts, and recorded interviews. With his peregrine visual sensibilities, technical skill set, and collaborative demeanor, Rob continues to bring much more to the table than any one creative person can be expected to deliver. I always look forward to the next production endeavor with Rob. ”


-Ben Faulks, Executive Producer